Welcome to my photography blog! I’m a student at a design school where my focus is photography, and I’m looking to make a business out of it. While I’m at it, I wanted to start a blog where I could share what I’ve learned, start an online portfolio and talk about the tips, hardware, and news that are part of the industry. I’ve already learned through my program that there are many types of photographer or related jobs that involve photography that I would never even have imagined before.

Photography Jobs

In my time as a student for various projects, and for a couple of intern positions I’ve held, I’ve participated in a few different types of photography jobs and projects. Each of them held their own challenges, which I wanted to talk more about.

Food Photographer

Taking pictures of food sounds a lot easier than it actually is, and is especially more difficult than sharing pictures of your own food on social media. You can’t just set up food, take a few pictures at different angles and call it a day. Food magazines and websites are incredibly demanding. They want to stand out, and if they wanted something simple they’d pick a stock photo and save themselves the time and money. You have to get very creative in order to get noticed. That means trying several different layouts, staying on top of current trends for food and photography styles, and so on.

Travel Photographer

When I landed a gig as an intern travel photographer, I thought it was a dream come true. However, I hated it more than any other kind of project I’ve had. You’re not just a tourist planning trips and taking pictures at your own leisure. You’re taking long-distance flights at every hour of the day and working on a tight schedule, so you land and fight through the jetlag and traffic to get to wherever you need to be, snap several photos for your assignment in whatever ungodly conditions the day as brought you, and so on. It was hell.

Medical Photographer

This was by far the weirdest type of project I’ve had to do, but it wound up being surprisingly enjoyable. I worked for a cosmetic skin and laser treatment clinic and took before and after photos of some of their patients. As far as assignments go they were much easier and less demanding as there is little creativity involved, and the shoots were not very long at all. The hardest part was seeing some of the tragic conditions and injuries that people were having fixed, but you also got to see the tears of joy of some patients when they saw the positive results.